Tree Services

Our expert team can help to determine whether tree removal is necessary. Trees that are dead, overcrowded, hazardous or causing obstructions are sometimes candidates for removal. Bradley Tree crews are equipped with specialized equipment for removal including bucket trucks and cranes. Always insist on insured professionals when contracting for tree removal. Our areas of expertise include:


- Tree Removal

- Stump Grinding/Removal

- Land Clearing and Preparation

- Proper Pruning/Trimming

- Excavation

- Firewood

- Gravel / Mulch

- 24-hr Emergency Assistance


Why prune? Proper pruning can improve the safety, health, and appearance of trees. Common reasons for pruning include the removal of dead, dying, diseased, and hazardous branches. With a few exceptions, most pruning operations can be performed throughout the year with minimal adverse effect on the health of the tree. Heavy pruning immediately following a spring flush of growth should be avoided. The unprofessional practice of "topping" trees should also be avoided. Pruning operations require skill in the placement of pruning cuts and technique. Our arborists have the experience and training necessary to safely and efficiently prune trees.


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